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Browse our prices below to work out the type of dentures that are suitable for your needs and your budget.


Here is a list of denture ranges for you to choose from.

Economy Range – Starts from £450 for a Full Set 

For the price-conscious, our economy range offers quality fittings at a budget price. Please be aware that there are more limitations with regards to the colours and shapes of teeth. 

Standard Range – Starts from £650 to £850

Within our standard range, you are able to obtain more natural-looking, stronger teeth with a great choice of shapes and colours. More time is spent on your appearance when you choose from our standard range. 

Premium Range – Starts from £925 to £1100

Our premium range boasts a stronger acrylic base for ultimate strength. We promise dentures that look just like natural teeth as well as offering various shapes of back teeth to enhance function and the overall appearance. 

Our professionals spend a generous amount of time on utilising the most innovative impression techniques and work more closely with the clinician/technician for optimum results. At Harrison Denture Clinic Ltd, we want to make sure that your bespoke dentures are just how you want them. 

Superior Range – Starts from £1800

To create the most perfect dentures, look to our highly superior range. Our team provide additional measuring and fittings using a face-bow to calculate the exact angles and positioning of the teeth. This enables perfect functionality and appearance. This particular range of tooth moulds has been specially designed to match your age and particular characteristics.

Lifelike anterior moulds offer exceptional aesthetic qualities and high-wear resistance. Even experts have difficulty in distinguishing these dentures from their natural counterparts as they really are ‘true to nature’. These are just some of the advantages:
  • Specially Designed Tooth Moulds to Match the Age and Characteristics of Individual Patients
  • ‘Set and Fit’ Design That Ensures Interdental Closure and Easy Setup of Anterior Teeth
  • Wide Design of Tooth Necks That Provides Reliable Covering of Construction Components
  • NHC (NanoHybrid Composite) Material Offers High Strength and Stability
Our delivery forms feature 16 A-D shades as well as bleach shades. We also offer 18 upper anterior moulds and 4 posterior moulds.

More Prices

Denture Repairs

From £50

Acrylic Dentures

From £450

Flexible DenturesFrom £800
BPS (Bespoke)From £2995
iDenture (Suction Dentures)From £4995
Implant Retained Dentures & 2 ImplantsFrom £7,500*
Removable Implant Supported BridgeFrom £12,000*

*Treatment carried out with Paul and associate dental surgeon 

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